It was 2014 or 15 (I don’t recall exactly when), and I had a problem with my West Hartford house. A window sash was stuck in the open position: it wouldn’t go up and it wouldn’t go down. A neighbor suggested that the Seniors Job Bank might connect me with a handyperson who could fix the window.

I called SJB. A day or so later a man with a toolbox arrived. Examining the window, he muttered to himself. The words sounded like English, but were unfamiliar to me… because the “handyperson” was a retired manufacturing engineer analyzing the issue in his professional jargon!

Within minutes the window was working perfectly. After accepting my thanks and a quite reasonable fee, the technician left, job done and me happy.

So when several months later a Seniors Job Bank officer I knew through membership in a civic service and social organization asked if I would volunteer to help out at the SJB office, the answer was a quick yes.

In 2017 I was elected to the SJB Board. I became Vice President, and served three terms as President before resuming a Board seat last March, to chair the Marketing Committee. And it all began when a stubborn window met an “overqualified” handyperson.

Regards, Bernie Weiss, SJB Marketing Committee Chair