Upon retiring from my corporate career, I completed the UCONN Master Gardening Program. I decided my “next chapter” would be to provide gardening help to people in the West Hartford area. Word of mouth led me to the Seniors Job Bank. The Seniors Job Bank is a really valuable resource. SJB’s model serves me well, it helps me source leads and clients. They connect me directly with homeowners who need gardening help and I take it from there. I get to be the me that I want to be and get to do what I love to do working through the Seniors Job Bank.Read More →

Ageism impacts everyone (eventually) – September 5, 2023 by Tess Terrible , Catherine Shen. Guest: Robin H. Clare, Executive Director Listen Here: https://www.ctpublic.org/show/where-we-live/2023-09-05/ageism-impacts-everyone-eventuallyRead More →

Seniors Job Bank showcases Value of Experience and Commitment – Sept 3, 2023 Read article here https://we-ha.com/seniors-job-bank-showcases-value-of-experience-and-commitment/Read More →

In 2007, a year after retiring from my full-time job of 33 years, I attended Celebrate West Hartford and happened upon the Seniors Job Bank booth. I was thinking about a part-time job, and SJB was just the resource I needed. In November, I went through my informal interview process with the Seniors Job Bank and within 3 days I received a job notification for a part-time job opening in the business office at a local non-profit organization. I found SJB to be helpful in connecting me to my part-time “retirement” job that continued for 8 years. I retired again in 2016. As a memberRead More →

It was 2014 or 15 (I don’t recall exactly when), and I had a problem with my West Hartford house. A window sash was stuck in the open position: it wouldn’t go up and it wouldn’t go down. A neighbor suggested that the Seniors Job Bank might connect me with a handyperson who could fix the window. I called SJB. A day or so later a man with a toolbox arrived. Examining the window, he muttered to himself. The words sounded like English, but were unfamiliar to me… because the “handyperson” was a retired manufacturing engineer analyzing the issue in his professional jargon! Within minutesRead More →

Ann joins SJB as our new Administrative Assistant. After retiring from a career in sales management, Ann moved to West Hartford and was introduced to the Seniors Job Bank. She saw the job listing in the SJB portal and was impressed with the organization’s ability to connect people with meaningful work. Ann is excited to join the team and to help expand our services.Read More →

The Seniors Job Bank (SJB) combines two passions of mine: grassroots economic development and educational training. I’ve been involved in job training and working with marginalized communities in the Greater Hartford area for many years. My background in financial planning, budgeting, and job training led me to work with the SJB. I became a Board member in 2022, and President in March of 2023. SJB provides a way for seasoned workers who have valuable skills to connect with businesses and households that need workers. SJB has invested in strategic planning, IT upgrades, improved administrative services, and fundraising efforts to offer more job opportunities, and moreRead More →

Does Ageism Exist in the Job Market? Yes, but it definitely does not exist here at the Seniors Job Bank. What excites me is the opportunity to represent mature, reliable people with valuable skills. This results in our high-quality, conscientious workers fulfilling various necessary jobs for homeowners, businesses, and municipalities. I learned about the Seniors Job Bank when I was looking for meaningful part-time work. I am a senior, and I love working with seniors of any age – including our job seekers and employers. However, you do not need to be a senior to request a worker from our database. This allows us toRead More →

Hello Seniors Job Bank Community: It is important to me to support communities and people in general. To be a part of SJB in assisting a growing senior population’s employment needs is a unique way to achieve my objective in community service.” I hope to continue the exceptional work SJB has done for so many years. Through fundraising and strategic planning, SJB will invigorate and strengthen its purpose of supporting senior jobseekers and those who employ them. In addition, we will expand marketing and technology tools to reach our constituents with user-friendly data gathering and communication techniques. Finally, we will develop new client relationships withRead More →