1. What overall experience do they have doing your specific work project?
  2. Do they have the required licenses, tools and materials?
  3. Do they have references that I can call?
  4. When can they start the job and how long will it take to complete it?
  5. Will they give me a written quote with labor and materials included?
  6. Do they want to be paid by the hour or the job?
  7. How/when do they want to be paid (cash or check)?
  8. Will they provide a materials receipt upon request?
  9. Will they come back if there is a problem with the job?
  10. If something is broken as a result of their work will they have it fixed?
  11. Do they offer a warrantee for their work?
  12. If a Permit is required will they get it or will I get it?
  13. Will they clean up all materials, dust, etc. each day and at the end of the job?
  14. If lead or asbestos is involved, how will they have it removed?
  15. If they get hurt on my job, do they have insurance?
  16. Tell them you are looking forward to working with them.