As you probably know, mature workers are experienced, dedicated, reliable and have a strong work ethic. In addition, they are able to mentor younger workers. Many employers today value a multi-generational workforce.

The Seniors Job Bank currently has a pool of over 400 mature (50+), experienced, Jobseekers who possess many skills.

To join the Seniors Job Bank they must be at least 50 years of age and live in the Greater Hartford area. Each jobseeker has been interviewed by one of our volunteers or a member of our staff.

Popular Jobs:

Administrative Assistants
Customer Service Representatives
Medical Office Staff
Seasonal Work

Feel free to contact us with part-time job openings not listed above. With over 400 skilled jobseekers registered with the Seniors Job Bank, we can help you find candidates that will match the requirements of your unique part-time job opening.

How We Can Help:

Once we receive a request from you, a Seniors Job Bank staff person will get in touch with you to discuss your job opening. Next, we create a brief job description, which we distribute to our jobseekers. After we have identified interested candidates, we will email you their names and contact information. It is then up to you to contact them, collect resumes, conduct interviews and make a hiring decision.

If you have a job opening, you would like us to help you with, please complete the form below. There is no charge for our service. (We are supported by local foundations and individual contributions.)

Please include title, duties, days/hours, special skills needed and compensation.