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If you are 50 or older and live in the Greater Hartford community, we can help you find a part-time job or we can help you start a business of your own with per diem work.

Part-time Job with a Business, Nonprofit or Municipality:

Businesses, nonprofits and municipalities contact us with job openings for administrative assistants, bookkeepers, customer service representatives, library assistants, couriers, receptionists, building attendants, substitute teachers, paraprofessional educators, and more….
After you have been interviewed and your application has been processed, we will email you job descriptions of current job openings in the Greater Hartford area. You let us know which jobs interest you. We then send your contact information to the business/nonprofit, who will contact you directly, if interested.

Start Your Own Business:

We receive requests for help from individuals in the Greater Hartford area looking for babysitters, companions, computer tutors, gardeners, landscapers, repair people, party help, pet sitters and more…. During your interview, you will choose what type of work you would like to do. You can choose as many different categories as you like.
Once you have been interviewed and your application has been processed, we will connect you with individuals who have projects and/or work that may interest you. As an independent contractor – you set your own rates and hours! Of course, you are also responsible for all applicable taxes.

To get started, complete the application below.

One of our volunteer interviewers will contact you to set up a time to meet.. Due to COVID-19, we are conducting telephone or Zoom interviews.

I am 50+ years of age with skills and/or a talent that I can use to obtain a paid part-time job/position working for a resident or business in the Greater Hartford area.