You had your first career and now, as a mature worker, you can have an encore career. Do you have to do what you always did? No way! Here are some tips to manifest an encore career that meets your current lifestyle:

1.   Determine your “why of working” (being of service, financial support, socialize).
2.   Decide what work schedule is best for you (part-time, full-time, or volunteer).
3.   Evaluate what you want to do – same as before or make your hobby into a career.
4.   Re-do your resume into a simplified, relevant one-page document.
5.   Sign up on the Seniors Job Bank to gain access to employment opportunities.
6.   Change your mindset from a fear of ageism to honoring your experience.
7.   Consistently look for opportunities on the Seniors Job Bank website and apply.
8.   Respond timely to requests from job owners for information and interviews.
9.   Go into the interview with confidence that you are the best person for the job.
10.  Know your financial worth and negotiate a new encore career.
11.  Transition to your encore career with confidence, commitment and clarity.