The following information from Cheryl Wagemann in is great advice to ensure you negotiate from a place of confidence and strength:

1. Stay positive: Keep an upbeat attitude and treat the hiring manager with respect while negotiating. 2. Use your leverage: Your chances are high to receive the pay you want in certain underserved professions.
3. Know your worth: Research your industry and know the salary ranges before settling on your desired salary.
4. Plan for tough questions: Stay calm and remember you are not obligated to disclose your pay history if asked.
5. Determine your bottom line: Know the lowest amount you’re willing to accept and negotiate other perks like extra PTO or work-from-home.
6. Come prepared to discuss your accolades: Salary negotiations are the time to discuss your strengths and accomplishments.
7. Prepare for a counteroffer: You can choose to maintain your negotiation position, or you can meet in the middle, or you can accept the counteroffer.