The Seniors Job Bank (SJB) combines two passions of mine: grassroots economic development and educational training. I’ve been involved in job training and working with marginalized communities in the Greater Hartford area for many years. My background in financial planning, budgeting, and job training led me to work with the SJB. I became a Board member in 2022, and President in March of 2023.

SJB provides a way for seasoned workers who have valuable skills to connect with businesses and households that need workers. SJB has invested in strategic planning, IT upgrades, improved administrative services, and fundraising efforts to offer more job opportunities, and more efficient systems and processes. SJB is launching a new marketing campaign to businesses, Chambers of Commerce, Senior Centers, Rotary Clubs, libraries, and community partners to extend our reach into all of the communities that we serve.

SJB is a free community resource supported by grants and generous donors who help us connect people over 50 who want to work with businesses, households, municipalities, and other organizations that have work to be done.

Regards, Lester Primus, SJB President