Bernie Weiss President


As I’m sure you’ve noticed, charitable organizations’ December letters – like this one – generally follow a predictable pattern: we had a good year, thanks for your support, we’re optimistic about the future, we need your additional help. 

But the distressing events of 2020 and their all too often tragic consequences for our people, our commerce, and our day-to-day routines require a different kind of year-end message. So my sole focus in this note is on expressing gratitude to everyone who made it possible for the Seniors Job Bank to serve our job seekers and clients through this historically horrible year.

I’m pleased and proud to report that we did maintain our operations, modified to comply with governmental guidelines and the realities of our community’s economy.

That was only possible because the people who comprise our constituency stood solidly behind us. Most vitally, our donors, the individuals and foundations on whom we have long depended came through with the always indispensable financial backing to keep us functioning.

Our dedicated and resourceful staff and volunteers found ways to transfer the tools of our enterprise from a shuttered Town Hall office to their homes. Our officers and Board of Directors learned to deliver their technical expertise and wisdom without the creative benefits of collaborative face-to-face meetings.

Homeowners never stopped calling on us for help with their domestic projects. Businesses that were open and had staffing needs still asked for our assistance.

Thank you, all.

Recent news offers long awaited reason to look toward an eventual end to our public health crisis. As that end is reached, companies will welcome back their customers, incomes will rise, jobs will return and be created. And the Seniors Job Bank will be here as we have for forty-one years, to connect men and women over 50 who want to work, with households and firms that have work to be done.

Wishing you the best of holidays and a better new year,

Bernie Weiss