Well, 2021 is just about over. Like so many members of our community – individuals, businesses, other organizations – the Seniors Job Bank contended with the unending ups and downs of covid. Masks on, masks off. Offices, restaurants, cultural attractions, and shops open, closed, hybrid.

Despite the gyrations of 2021, SJB continued to execute our mission: connecting job seekers over 50 with households and companies in need of workers. In fact, we found that adversity can have positive side effects. The pandemic that kept so many people home also induced a substantial number of them to redecorate and fix up those homes. Which resulted in the Seniors Job Bank receiving a steady volume of requests for repair and technical services.

Similarly, as the economy awakened and the Help Wanted signs began to appear, the commercial side of SJB’s enterprise rumbled with calls from employers aware that we are good a source of experienced, dependable and motivated staff.

Altogether, in 2021 the Seniors Job Bank processed about 900 Requests for Help (job openings).

We did that because our energetic and talented staff, Sheila Diamond and Mary Gold delivered their customary excellent performance. And the dedicated volunteers on our Board provided their wisdom and work. Thanks to all my associates for getting us through yet another “interesting” year.

Most critically, thanks to all of you who responded generously to our appeals for funding. The donations and grants from families, clients, and foundations are the financial fuel that keeps us going.

Please accept my wish for you to enjoy the happiest of holidays, and my invitation to join with the Seniors Job Bank in making 2022 another year of success… for our job seekers and for the households and firms who benefit from their talents and skills.

Bernie Weiss