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Friends, Here, at the midpoint of yet another historically exceptional year, I'm pleased – and relieved – to report that the Seniors Job Bank continues to fulfill our mission, serving the Greater Hartford community by connecting people over 50 seeking work with businesses, other organizations and households that have work to be done. Despite the ...
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Seniors Job Bank’s Companion Services

When an older adult is lucky enough to be able to live on their own, or if they live with family members who are caregivers, a companion can fill a variety of needs, some of which are obvious, like preparing a meal or doing light housekeeping. Less obvious is the ...
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Going from Growing Pains to Growing the Business

The course of business, like that of love, rarely runs smoothly. Handling growth and recognizing what needs to be done to support that upward trajectory can be a challenge. How do you know when it makes sense to move forward to embrace more opportunities? When is it time to hire ...
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Bernie Weiss President

Message From the Seniors Job Bank President

Friends, As I'm sure you've noticed, charitable organizations' December letters – like this one – generally follow a predictable pattern: we had a good year, thanks for your support, we're optimistic about the future, we need your additional help. But the distressing events of 2020 and their all too often ...
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What’s Your Next Chapter?

What if you have spent many years of your working life on a single career path, until retirement, layoffs, or just a sense that it’s time to move on means it’s time to think about what to do next? The Seniors Job Bank provides a wide variety of job opportunities, ...
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Keep your Momentum Going in the Time of Covid-19

If you’re a job-seeker in the time of Covid-19, you have already deduced that for many kinds of work, the market has slowed, if not halted altogether. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to be done. Yes, we’re all stuck in limbo, losing track of the days and wondering when ...
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